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"Pain is temporary, failure lasts forever."

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The Superior Femme Manifesto

1.  Pictures must be pretty.  Ugly is ugly

2.  Pictures must be of Dominant women or submissive men. Submissive women or dominant men can appear in the pictures, but they can’t be the focus.

3.  The focus of the blog is on dominance and submission, not sadism and masochism.  Of course, there ain’t nothing wrong with sadism and masochism.

4.  While there’s also nothing wrong with fetish images per se, images shouldn’t look lame, porny, and posed.

5.  Similarly, strapon sex and forced feminization are fine.  But so many images of them are lame.  And lame is lame.

6.  By contrast, imposed male chastity and female body worship are the sex.  Extra points are awarded for sexy, pretty images of these topics.

7.  The dominance or submission needn’t be explicit in the pictures.  It can be a look, a mood.  Eye contact.

8.  There are consequences for not complying with the rules.  Always.  And the Superior Femme gets to decide if the rules were complied with.  There is no appeal